Seeing beyond the illusion of a seperate self

The question Am I? points to the simple fact that you are, regardless of what you are experiencing. beneath everything that's going on, is a sense of existing. This question points to a dimension other than experience.
Once that sense of existence is in your field of awareness, then it's possible to find out what's true about existence, to explore that. what's it like right now to just be? is it enough right now to just exist? or is there a sense that it's not enough? All our lives we've been told it's not enough, that you have to be smarter, richer, prettier, more enlightened, more compassionate, more loving, and on and on... you have to be some thing.
you have the sense that if we could just be what we're supposed to be, then we could just BE. Take a fantasy about being richer, for instance: what's great about being richer is that you think it will finally allow you to just be because you no longer have to become richer! we think that being richer or smarter will finally allow just being to be enough...Wherever this inquiry takes you, its amazing to discover both the extent to which our existence is enough and the extent to which we think it is not!